Santa Monica Pier Welcome Sign
(Replicated in Flooded Tank in Mexico)
Santa Monica Pier Signs
(Replicated Existing Location Signs for
SPFX Scale Miniature and Demolished)
Santa Monica Ferris Wheel (Re-Created in
Flooded Tank in Mexico)
Fictitious Santa Monica Boulevard Street Signs
(Built for Flooded Tank in Mexico)
Santa Monica Fire Engine
(Vehicle Was Cut Horizontally and Mounted on Rails in our
Flooded Tank in Mexico)
This was the first season 9-1-1's police vehicles had numbers on their roofs, intended to mimic actual LAPD vehicles.  We devised a system so that each character's vehicle number was unique to that character, and remained consistent throughout the season.
1989 Period Company Logos
1991 Period Convenience Store Posters, Signs
1991 Period Party Invitations
Grocery Store Baby Food Display, Products
Fictitious Big Box
Store Logo
Helicopter Console Stickers
Created to Imitate Actual Helicopter Console for Burned Duplicate
Railroad Company Logo
Santa Monica Arts
Festival Banners
Gas Station Signage
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